Manufacturing  and mounting of parts fnd structures lowering the load. Machine U1151, U1152 

Technologies and services required by industry- for manufacturing and mounting (welding-on) of heat-removing and load-lowering parts and structures: Nelson pins and "flexible" tie-bolts - are designed for mounting on metal structures exposed to high temperatures or high loads in service. Welding operations can be performed directly on objects under construction (bridges, overpasses, etc.) and on equipment in the Customer facility.

Fig. 1.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 3.
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  • - nuclear-, hydro-, thermal power plants;
  • - metallurgical, petroleum processing plants;
  • - construction of residential and industrial facilities, trade centers (Fig. 1);
  • - warehouses and logistic companies;
  • - bridge construction and repair, including underwater sections;
  • - gas- and oil pipelines;
  • - working surfaces of rapidly wearing parts of equipment and machines, ladles, bulldozers, etc (Fig. 2).

Our enterprise delivers automatic machine of type U-1151, U-1152 for welding pins in diameter 4-25 mm with use of safety rings. Automatic machine provide a choice of a cycle of welding and smooth adjustment of a welding current.

Machine welding of pins to flat details for various spheres of application is developed (Fig. 3). We deliver a welding pistol Р-12, Р-24 (Fig. 4) with an electromagnetic drive and a pneumatic regulator. Application of the proposed technology and welding fixtures developed in our company (special welding guns, etc.) will allow an essential extension of the life of metal structures in trouble-free mode and improvement of their reliability, reducing material costs in construction and operation of facilities, including metal consumption, and reducing the construction cost.

We propose that you become an Investor of construction of a Mini-plant for fabrication of large-sized metal structures with specified characteristics with application of automation means in welding-on pins and tie-bolts.