Machins–arethe welding tractor ТС-77М, ТС-78М, ТС-79


TC-77MMachins –arethe welding tractor ТС-77М, ТС-78М,  ТС-79 are intended for automatic submerged-arc weldingbutting, angular, longitudinal and ring seams metal constructions thickness 10-50 mm in shipbuilding, at construction of bridges, tanks, etc., etc. The welding tractor ТС-78Мit is intended for automatic welding by two arches in slot-hole cutting for one pass of welded connections by thickness up to 50 mm.

Tractors are reliable and convenient in work, provide high quality of welded connections, raise productivity, is especial at use in remote places. Tractors provide submission of welding wire ø3-5 mm with a speed of 30-360 km/h and speed of welding of 10-100 km/h (CT-77M, CT-79М), 8-60 km/h (CT- 78М). Welding can be made in base, in a corner and outside of base of the running mechanism. Welding current 100 A. The аautomated control systemis developed by welding process on modern element base and provides:

  • exact maintenance of the set parameters, with their digital indication;
  • reliable ignition of the arch due to function «Soft start»;
  • the opportunity of performance of welding on three various beforehand adjusted modes without a stop of process of welding;
  • the smooth task of parameters of a mode independent from each other and their updating during welding.