Technology and  equipment for automated welding position circumferential butt joints of pipes ø426-1420 mm diameter, a wall of 7-26 mm. Machine AD-366T



Innovation technology and equipment-are designed for automated welding of position circumferential butt joints of pipes ø426-1420 mm diameter,  a wall of 7-26 mm  with standard plant V-shaped groove, by flux-cored wire with forced weld formation. The proposed technology is used in building and mounting of the main gas, oil and water pipelines on the line, especially in difficult-of-access places, where it is impossible to apply hoisting-transportation means and under the conditions of built-up areas of the route. Technology allows a significant improvement of labour efficiency through welding process automation, reducing non-productive losses, welding process labour content, improving welderlabour conditions, as well as saving power costs through optimization of the entire production cycle. Welding of pipe butt joints by this technology is performed by displacement of welding heads by a detachable mono-rail in the  automatic mode around a stationary steel pipe of practically any diameter.

Welding technology is based on the principle of weld pool containment and forming of each of the passes by a water-cooled shoe – in all positions, that provides high efficiency and  high quality of the weld, improves the reliability and allows lowering the requirements to the accuracy of edge preparation of the pipes being welded.

Automatic welding machine AD-366T  with application of two welding heads allows welding the left and right parts of pipe ring perimeter practically simultaneously in the upward direction. Such a design allows increasing the operating efficiency almost two2 times. Machine allowsto weld joints with much smaller number of passesin comparison with welding with free formation of the seam: pipes with the wall 9 mm to weld for 1 pass, pipes with a wall 16 mm - for 2 passes, and pipes with a wall 26 mm - for 3 - 4 passes, with a speed of 150-400 km/h.